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The Cinctive Advantage

We believe our curated offering is unique in the multi-manager space given our emphasis on specialization within a collaborative culture.  

Specialized coverage reduces overlap between investment teams

Regardless of strategy or asset class, Cinctive employs a specialized portfolio approach.  We work with each portfolio manager to determine opportunity set and size allocations accordingly.  Our platform is designed to allow portfolio managers to focus on the deep investment analysis required for unique insight and honed convictions. The result, we believe, is a collection of investment specialists who are passionate in what they trade, sized to be nimble and able to benefit from the broader team’s expertise.

Environment dedicated to the growth and development of its investment professionals

Ongoing engagement with the senior members of the firm and risk team offers portfolio managers insight to enhance their skillset.  Teams integrate data from various internal sources to bolster idea generation and assist with decision making.  Quantitative tools are provided to help inform market exposures, enhance portfolio construction, and look to identify optimal alpha harvesting strategies at an individualized level.

Collaborative teamwork driven culture

Cinctive offers a collaborative, integrated and un-siloed culture, while still providing the framework for portfolio managers to benefit from their own success.  Firm-wide gatherings are offered each week to share and exchange insights across asset class and sectors.


Cinctive offers focused career paths at every level and is firmly committed to the acquisition and development of diverse investment talent.

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