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Elevating the
Multi-Manager Model


Cinctive Capital Management is an alternative asset manager focused on long/short equities that launched in 2019 with over
$1 billion in committed capital from highly respected institutional investors including a strategic partnership with the Employees Retirement System of Texas and PAAMCO Launchpad, a subsidiary of PAAMCO Prisma.

Our multi-manager platform has over 40 investment professionals, each with specialized coverage experience spanning various equity sectors.  Teams practice fundamental stock selection and incorporate sophisticated proprietary quantitative tools and risk management into their investment processes.  


We believe today’s environment requires a new, evolved version of the multi-manager model–a model that generates higher fundamental idea generation, allows for investing across the spectrum of market capitalization and rewards quality of returns.  Our mission is simple: to deliver the highest quality returns to our investors.  

Interests Aligned with Investors


Our interests are designed to be firmly aligned with our investors. We employ sector focused investment teams with compensation tied to higher alpha and efficient Sharpe ratios. Cinctive’s teams create high-conviction portfolios with a well-defined number of stocks.  Our investment process is supported by proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. 


We take a robust, comprehensive approach to risk management including interactive real time monitoring and controls. Our risk framework is designed to continually evolve our investment professionals to help them improve portfolio construction. In addition, our risk framework is intended to enhance diversification across our platform in seeking to increase the stability of investor returns. Our compliance infrastructure has been built to leverage advanced platforms designed to detect issues from analyzing large amounts of data. We create a collaborative and interactive culture of teamwork–no silos. 

Deep Experienced Team


Cinctive seeks to attract and retain top talent.  Our management and investment teams draw from top tier alternative investment firms.  

Our management team has extensive experience in the alternative investment industry. Founders and Co-CIOs Richard Schimel and Larry Sapanski have worked together over 15 years, with more than half of that spent running a successful, multi-manager platform together.

Our Culture and Values


“Cinctive” derives from the noun “cincture,” which suggests many close interactions within a
team or group.  Cinctive is defined by a culture premised on effective collaboration across investment teams.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our investment process. Attracting, incentivizing and retaining talented investment teams is of paramount importance. Providing mentorship and advancement opportunities is key to our business model.  

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