The Cinctive Advantage

Cinctive seeks to attract the best talent in the industry through its unique multi-manager model.   

Incentivize quality over quantity
We reward investment teams for strong risk-adjusted performance based on higher alpha and Sharpe numbers.  Compensation is not contingent on managing gross dollars.


Employ sector focused investment teams
Specialized sector teams enable portfolio managers to focus more time on targeted investment analysis.  We believe this approach encourages deeper coverage expertise and less crowding.


Technology aided portfolio construction
Our teams integrate data into investment processes to produce ideas and seek improved investment decisions.  Quantitative tools inform market and factor exposures to help maximize portfolio construction.  Our self-improving algorithms look to identify best paths from idea genesis to alpha harvesting.


Collaborative teamwork driven culture
Cinctive is dedicated to a collaborative, integrated and un-siloed culture. Management mentors and coaches teams to optimize idea expression and processes. Cinctive offers focused career paths and is firmly committed to the acquisition and development of diverse investment talent.

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