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The Cinctive Advantage

Cinctive seeks to attract the best talent in the industry through its unique multi-manager model.   

Platform looks to seize on alpha

Books are sized to be nimble, allow for opportunities to play in less crowded small and mid-cap names, and more efficiently express convictions without the alpha dilutive consequences of capital deployment and factor neutrality mandates. Smaller team structure permits portfolio manager to focus on fundamental investment process and stock picking versus large team management and structural risk complexity. 

Sector focused investment teams

Sector-focused approach enables the time for deep investment analysis to generate the unique insight and conviction in seeking best-in-class returns.

Environment dedicated to the growth and development of its investment professionals

Teams integrate data to bolster idea generation and decision making.  Quantitative tools inform market and factor exposures, enhance portfolio construction, and look to identify the optimal alpha harvesting strategies at an individualized level.

Collaborative teamwork driven culture

Cinctive is dedicated to a collaborative, integrated and un-siloed culture. Management mentors and coaches teams to optimize idea expression and processes. Our Co-CIOs have spent decades in the business and look to enrich our teams through their experience. Cinctive offers focused career paths and is firmly committed to the acquisition and development of diverse investment talent.

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